Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Theme Party Idea!

I was recently tasked with writing a rhyme for a Sweet 16 invitation.

The theme of the party is “Farewell to Childhood” – a clever theme & innovative idea for anyone looking to throw a fun party! They plan on having a casual backyard bbq and incorporating a few of the old-school games we use to play when we were kids!

They are doing Sand Art, Slip-n-Slide, and they even rented a huge Jumpy Castle!

The good ol'Jumpy Castle!

Slip-n-Slide - Great for the summer time!

Can't go wrong with Sand Art!

The “Farewell to Childhood” theme was new to me and I think it’s brilliant! I would maybe include some Spin Art (ha, remember that?), Karaoke, and maybe some face painting.

Does anyone have any other creative ideas for this theme or any other theme party ideas?

Keep me in mind for your next special occasion - I'll help you make it unique & original!


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