Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started ...

Welcome to the launch of Witty Words by L.A.B. !!!

I am L.A.B. & I am so excited to take my new venture LIVE!

Where it all started ...

As far back as I can remember, I have always been the girl who organizes everything – parties, events, trips, vacations, etc... I always had a knack for sweetening the pot for said occasions with some sort of rhyme in the form of an invitation, toast, roast, poem, song etc... For example, I have written numerous roasts and toasts for my friends on their birthdays. They are usually a hybrid of kind words and witty sarcasm that usually gets a good laugh. Sometimes I read them aloud, sometimes they are written in a card, and other times they are an added bonus to one of my other creative gift ideas. My rhymes lend an exciting and personalized feel to any occasion and are unique and creative gestures for anyone on their special day.

The plot thickened when I graduated from Villanova University and began working for my current company. I work for a boutique executive search firm – about 20 people in total. The tradition is that everyone picks a “Secret Pal” out of a hat before the annual holiday party in December, and is then tasked with roasting his or her “Secret Pal” at the party. My first year working, as my luck would have it, I pulled out the name of the President of my firm – I freaked out! I even had some more senior co-workers offer to switch with me, but as nervous as I was, I knew this was my chance to prove myself as “the creative & witty new girl”.

I spent about a month trying-out different ideas. I attempted changing the lyrics to songs and singing them until my dad kindly pointed out that singing was not my strong suit. I started researching and gathering any and all details that I could find on my boss – favorite foods, movies, and drinks to history of the firm and funny stories. I took those random details, notes, and key-words and wrote a rhyming roast. I practiced my delivery every night for a week before that party (as I am a huge believer that delivery is key to a great rhyme). The night of the holiday party, I scrounged up all the confidence I could and stood up in front of my entire company and their dates, grabbed the mic, and delivered the hell out of that roast! It was a huge hit!

Since then, I have written a rhyming roast for every holiday party and I continue to write birthday toasts for my friends, poems for people’s invitations, and rhymes for various other occasions. I really enjoy doing it, and my best friend, KAG, recently inspired me to start-up my own little side business... and wha-la, Witty Words by LAB.

What "Witty Words by L.A.B." Can Do For You ...

My rhymes are a huge hit for any occasion! Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, holiday, theme party, graduation, going-away party, welcome-home party, sweet 16, bridal shower, etc... the list goes on and on, but my rhymes are guaranteed to be custom, creative, and personalized to make anyone feel special on their big day.

I will work with you one-on-one to understand your message, audience, and incorporate any inside jokes, stories, or details that you wish. The process will be effortless for you & I promise your rhyme will be a hit! You can choose to perform your rhyme and/or give it as a gift in a frame, on stationary, engraved, or any other creative way. My ideas are creative and the options are endless, so for your next special occasion...

Be Unique & Different!
Even if you don’t have the time...
Creative and Personal
I’ll put your thoughts into rhyme!

Visit me on my homepage to get more ideas, see some of my work, & read more about my Witty Words!!


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