Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Custom Party Favors!

My 25th Birthday weekend was a huge success! I had all of my best friends together, beautiful weather, and of course... lots and lots of wine!

Two of my best friends, KAG & Bridget, drive in from Boston, my brother drove up from Maryland, my roommate and my boyfriend went above & beyond to ensure everything ran smoothly on the vineyard tour, and I even had friends rearrange their plans for me - all in all, my friends really went out of their way to make the weekend extra special!

Best friend& roommate, aka"CFO" Sapo, collecting all the money & making sure everything was on schedule!

Kman, Nikle, & Joey (the boyfriend) being sophisticated & enjoying their wine

Two best friends, KAG & Bridget, drove from Boston to help me celebrate my 25th Bday!

My favorite girls (minus a few) @ Pindar Vineyard! xo

I wanted to show them how much I appreciated everything, so I decided to make party favors! Seeing as how I love all things custom & personalized and we were embarking on an all day vineyard tour, I thought it was appropriate to design monogrammed wine glasses for everyone!

KAG's wine glass!

All the party favors wrapped & on display for my guests to see when they arrived

It was simple, easy to do, & fun! I made them two nights before the party and had them wrapped-up & displayed on the table when everyone arrived. I designed each glass differently and everyone seemed to really enjoy them!

Want to do this yourself?

Here is the list of supplies that I used & the steps that I followed:
Wine glasses
Enamel Paint Markers (all different colors)
Clear dry enamel spray paint
Clear party favor bags
Colorful tissue paper
Clear tape
Nail polish remover
Wax paper
Soap, water, & a sink

How to make your own monogrammed wine glasses:

1. Simply wash all the wine glasses with soap and water, then let them all dry.

2. While the glasses are drying, look online for some creative monogramming ideas

3. Using the paint markets, start drawing! Don't be afraid to be creative!
*try not to make the paint layer too thick, it may run when you apply the final enamel spray coat later!

4. If you make a mistake, simply use a Qtip & nail polish remover to correct your mistake.
*be sure to wash the nail polish remover off after you have made the correction!

4. Allow paint on glasses to dry upside down on wax paper over night

5. In a well ventilated room, spray each glass with the clear enamel spray paint
* be sure to spray a light even coat over the painted areas - do not spray it on too thick!

6. Allow glasses to dry upside down on wax paper over night again

7. Rinse glasses off, dry, & wrap!

8. I stuffed one piece of colored tissue paper in the glass so it was coming out the top, then wrapped the glass in a different colored piece of tissue paper, placed the wrapped glass in a clear plastic party-favor bag, secured it up top with clear tape, & wrapped ribbon around the top! Add a small "Thank-you" card with their name & Wa-la ... cute, custom, & personalized party favors!



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