Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Give the Gift Of Passion and Dreams

Just as Witty Words by L.A.B. can provide you with creative & unique messages for your loved ones, Cloud9Living offers unique experience gifts & gift ideas for men and women of all ages!

I discovered Cloud9Living two years ago as I was researching gifts for my family. I was SO bored and completely over the ordinary, dull, generic gifts that everyone seems to default to each year ... ("oh, a new sweater!? super!" ... no thanks).

The experiences are offered across the U.S. and with prices ranging from $75 to $10,000 (see the VIP experiences!) - I assure you there is something there for EVERYONE!

Some of my favorites include the sky diving (which I purchased for my brother!), hot air balloon ride, hellicopter ride around Manhattan, whale watching, wind surfing, and the group "murder mystery party" for 30 of your friends!

If I had an extra $10,000 to play with, my wish list would include - a dive with Great White sharks, Dinner in the Sky (gotta check this out!), Learn poker with Jamie Gold (#1 Poker Pro!), and last but certainly not least ...
the "Thirteen" experience, which is desribed as:

"What is Thirteen? It's the secret of a lifetime and the greatest adventure you'll ever know. Those who have experienced Thirteen are part of an elite society who have solved the greatest game ever created".

* A special free gift goes to anyone who purchases this experience & can tell me about it
(I promise not to tell!)

The other great part of Cloud9Living is that everything is returnable, you "buy now & book later", and you can always exchange your selection!

So, if you are like me this year & sick of boring presents, check out Cloud9Living & spice it up!


PS: A quick Thank You to my B.F.F. KAG for my blog shout out today! xoxo

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