Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lucky Chic - Online Sample Sale ...With a Fun Twist!

Calling all ladies who love nice things at an even nicer price ...

Lucky Chic is a online sample sale (similar to Hautelook or Rue La La), but allows you to bid on luxury items, gift cards to your favorite stores, and more !

Bidding starts at cents on the dollar ... check it out!

As they say ... live a little ... bid a little!



  1. I wrote a pretty detailed piece about Lucky Chic on my own blog (I usually don't plug my own blog on comments but I sort of have to on this one -- I cautioned my readers, as this site is NOT a sample sale site, they are known as penny auction sites. I however did win something, but given the outlay of cost of bids and time spent, I had to question if it was worth it.

  2. I couldn't agree more - I have been meaning to add to this post to caution - readers. I was so excited when I discovered it that I posted right away - my fault, but you are right ... it isn't worth the money on the "chips" or the time spent auctioning ... thank you !

  3. I have decided to take down the link to the site from my blog (where I post links to sample sale sites, groupon, etc.), because I don't want someone to link from my site and then be upset in a few weeks!



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